Artist:  Erykah Badu   Project:  Baduizm   Label/Release Date:   Universal/Kedaar Ent./1997   Song(s):  Drama   Credit:  Composer

Artist: Erykah Badu

Project: Baduizm

Label/Release Date:  Universal/Kedaar Ent./1997

Song(s): Drama

Credit: Composer

Artist:  Shabazz 3   Project:  Late Nite With Shabazz 3   Label/Release Date:   Longevity/2001   Song(s):  All songs   Credit:  Emcee, Composer, Recording & Mixing 

Artist: Shabazz 3

Project: Late Nite With Shabazz 3

Label/Release Date:  Longevity/2001

Song(s): All songs

Credit: Emcee, Composer, Recording & Mixing 

Artist:  N'Dambi   Project:  Tunin Up & Co-Signin   Label/Release Date:  Cheeky-I/2001   Song(s):  Daydreamer   Credit:  Composer

Artist: N'Dambi

Project: Tunin Up & Co-Signin

Label/Release Date: Cheeky-I/2001

Song(s): Daydreamer

Credit: Composer

Artist:  Erykah Badu   Project:  Red Star Sounds Vlm 1   Label/Release Date:   Sony/2001   Song(s):  Today   Credit:  Composer

Artist: Erykah Badu

Project: Red Star Sounds Vlm 1

Label/Release Date:  Sony/2001

Song(s): Today

Credit: Composer

Artist: Sandra St. Victor

Project: Gemini: Both Sides

Label/Release Date:  Manami/2001

Song(s): Dizzy

Credit: Composer

Artist:  Sy Smith   Project:  Conflict   Label/Release Date:  Psyco/2008   Song(s):  Fly Away With Me, B-Side love Affair   Credit:  Composer

Artist: Sy Smith

Project: Conflict

Label/Release Date: Psyco/2008

Song(s): Fly Away With Me, B-Side love Affair

Credit: Composer

Artist:  Dominique Howard   Project:  Chapters   Label/Release Date:  TMG/2008   Song(s):  All songs   Credit:  Composer, Recording & Mixing

Artist: Dominique Howard

Project: Chapters

Label/Release Date: TMG/2008

Song(s): All songs

Credit: Composer, Recording & Mixing

Artist:  Schantel Thomas   Project:  Higher   Label/Release Date:  TMG/2009   Song(s):  All songs     Credit:  Composer, Recording & Mixing

Artist: Schantel Thomas

Project: Higher

Label/Release Date: TMG/2009

Song(s): All songs  

Credit: Composer, Recording & Mixing

Artist:  Carmen Rodgers   Project:  What Hurts You (single)   Label/Release Date:  Candy Girl/2010   Song(s):  What Hurts You   Credit:  Composer, Recording

Artist: Carmen Rodgers

Project: What Hurts You (single)

Label/Release Date: Candy Girl/2010

Song(s): What Hurts You

Credit: Composer, Recording

Artist:  Aktive Transport   Project:  Relax (single)   Label/Release Date:  X-SQUARE MUSIC   Song(s):  Relax   Credit:  Composer, Recording, Mixing

Artist: Aktive Transport

Project: Relax (single)

Label/Release Date: X-SQUARE MUSIC

Song(s): Relax

Credit: Composer, Recording, Mixing

Artist:  XL7   Project:  Square   Label/Release Date:    X-Square Muisc/2011   Song(s):  All songs   Credit:  Emcee, Composer

Artist: XL7

Project: Square

Label/Release Date: 

X-Square Muisc/2011

Song(s): All songs

Credit: Emcee, Composer

Artist:  JCee   Project:  Swagged Up (single)   Label/Release Date:  Sanction/2012   Song(s):  Swagged Up   Credit:  Composer, Recording & Mixing

Artist: JCee

Project: Swagged Up (single)

Label/Release Date: Sanction/2012

Song(s): Swagged Up

Credit: Composer, Recording & Mixing

Artist:  Hailey Erin   Project:  Never Know Lonely (single)   Label/Release Date:  Sanction/2013   Song(s):  Never Know Lonely   Credit:  Composer, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Artist: Hailey Erin

Project: Never Know Lonely (single)

Label/Release Date: Sanction/2013

Song(s): Never Know Lonely

Credit: Composer, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Artist:  India.Arie   Project:  SongVersation   Label/Release Date:  Motown/2013   Song(s):  Strange Fruit   Credit:  Composer

Artist: India.Arie

Project: SongVersation

Label/Release Date: Motown/2013

Song(s): Strange Fruit

Credit: Composer

Artist:  Sandra St. Victor   Project:  Oya's Daughter   Label/Release Date:    Shanachie Entertainment/2013   Song(s):  All Songs   Credit:  Mixing

Artist: Sandra St. Victor

Project: Oya's Daughter

Label/Release Date: 

Shanachie Entertainment/2013

Song(s): All Songs

Credit: Mixing

Artist:  Pharoah Scott   Project:  Allow Me   Label/Release Date:  Sanction Records/2013   Song(s):  Allow Me   Credit:  Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing

Artist: Pharoah Scott

Project: Allow Me

Label/Release Date: Sanction Records/2013

Song(s): Allow Me

Credit: Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing

Artist:  Noel Gourdin   Project:  City Heart, Southern Soul   Label/Release Date:  Shanachie Entertainment/2014   Song(s):  Come Over, I Want You (Regardless)   Credit:  Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing

Artist: Noel Gourdin

Project: City Heart, Southern Soul

Label/Release Date: Shanachie Entertainment/2014

Song(s): Come Over, I Want You (Regardless)

Credit: Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing

Artist:  Mark De Clive-Lowe   Project:  Church   Label/Release Date:  Shanachie Entertainment/2014   Song(s):  All Songs   Credit:  Mixing

Artist: Mark De Clive-Lowe

Project: Church

Label/Release Date: Shanachie Entertainment/2014

Song(s): All Songs

Credit: Mixing

Artist:  Ty Macklin   Project:  Eleven Squared Vol 1   Label/Release Date:  X-Square Music/2014   Song(s):  All Songs   Credit:  Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Artist: Ty Macklin

Project: Eleven Squared Vol 1

Label/Release Date: X-Square Music/2014

Song(s): All Songs

Credit: Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering